Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Coconut: It's What's For Dinner

I do not admire, nor do I fully trust those miscreants in our society who do not like shredded coconut.  While I am not without pity for these poor, misled creatures, there comes a time when my munificence in this matter comes to an end.

Seriously, how could someone with a reasonable number of taste buds not fall for sweetened, shredded coconut?  Whether in cookies, cakes or pies, or encased in chocolate, it never fails to delight the tongue and send the mind into a kind of reverie normally reserved for meditating monks.

So we come to what I consider the perfect candy bar: 

Woe be it to the person who, when specifically directed to bring Betty a Mounds Bar, brings Betty an Almond Joy claiming "It's the same thing."  

It is not.  

Ah, the Mounds Bar.  Dark Chocolate enrobes just the right amount of sweetened coconut with no interference from some pesky nut sitting atop it like an embarrassing out-of-town cousin. 

Each little package of two of these little beauties has 160 calories and 56 percent of your daily allotment of saturated fat.  Therefore, eating the King Size package has the advantage of giving the assurance that, yep, you certainly have exceeded your saturated fat for the day.  No more of the hassle of adding up small numbers from various foods throughout the day!
Betty wishes you and yours a Coconut Kind of Day:  Sweet and Satisfying, with just enough Flakiness to keep it interesting. 


Anonymous said...

OMG, BB. This entire time you have been talking about Mounds, I have been thinking of Almond Joy. I like Almond Joy, I think, better, dare I say it, than Mounds. I like the crunchy almond, and trying to get just the right amount of almond with the coconut. I think I even said something to you about the almond and you didn't correct me! I feel like a heel. I need to drown my sorrow in an Almond Joy, which I don't have, so I guess M&Ms will have to do. How do you feel about the cheerful M&M?

Susan said...

I guess I am a miscreant, then... :-(

Bossy Betty said...

PG--I don't believe you mentioned anything about a nut in our long discussions about the Mounds Bar, or I would have flown across the table in a mad fit of anger. I really have trouble believing you like Almond Joy better than Mounds. This causes me to re-evaluate our friendship. I shall let you know my decision soon.


Bossy Betty said...


Oh dear. Oh my. I am coming right up there to sit beside you and help you re-educated your taste buds. Oh, this is so embarrassing for you! Please wear a veil when you go out, so that no one recognizes you after this stunning disclosure you have made.


Trevor said...

Homemade Mounds > Mounds > Almond Joy