Friday, April 17, 2009

Looking At This Picture and Hoping It's Grain of the Month? Sorry, No.

Here in the Land of Good Weather, it has been unseasonably chilly and we do not like it one bit.  Worse, this cold front has coincided with the disappearance, or at least the dwindling of Easter candy.  This is not a good combination.

When it's cold there is a biological imperative to eat, to pile on the fat and reduce all activity to conserve energy.  Onion Rings. Cookies. Cheese. Candy.  These, eaten in front of a television set, the consumer in a Snuggie,  is exactly what nature intended in cold weather.  

Since moving to California from Kansas, my temperature gauge has reset itself.  58 degrees now qualifies as bitterly cold. When we went to chilly Nashville for Christmas my mother-in-law presented me with a one pound slab of fudge and I regarded it as I would a regular-sized Snickers Bar and then went snuffling for the large bag of Ruffles just to clear my palate for the on-coming cheese log.

So now, unseasonably cold winds are blowing in California at the same time our beloved Easter candies are leaving us.  It's sad when all the chocolate bunnies hop away, the Peeps disappear and the empty marshmallow egg cartons rock like empty locusts' husks on the shelves.  

These candies are all good and will be missed, but my absolute favorite is Mini Robin's Eggs.  To me, these are the perfect candy and the one I would choose if forced to make the all important "if-you-could-have-only-one-kind-of-candy-for-the-rest-of-your-life-what-candy- would-it-be" decision.  Tragically, these precious little jewels are only available for a short time during the months of March and April.  I literally do a little "Welcome!" dance in the aisles of Target when they arrive and when I see that last bag there on the shelf near Easter, well, let's just hope that small, cute child is not reaching for it, because I'll rip that little arm right off if he/she is reachin' for my Robin's Eggs.

The picture above is of the last of the jelly beans that remain in our home.  I can only hope this cold weather passes and we won't be forced to consume them all at one time out of a drinking glass for fast and easy consumption, but I may.  I would have taken a picture of my beloved Robin's Eggs, but, well, they were the first to go when the inborn, feast-or-die urgency came upon me.  Oh, I miss them already. 

I wonder if Evan has any hidden around here.

I feel a chill in the air.  
I gotta go check the weather channel. 
(and Evan's room)

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