Saturday, April 18, 2009

Looking at This Photo and Hoping It's Grain of the Month? Your Dream Comes True!

It's Almost Too Exciting!

Ready to live on the edge?  
Ready to cross over to the exotic?  
Ready to sit in the back of the classroom and be the rebel you were meant to be? 
Then you're ready for Buckwheat.

You see, in order to ride with the Buckwheat gang, you gotta be willing to bend the rules just a bit.  Technically, Buckwheat is not a grain, but a seed.  Yeah, it's been labeled a pseudograin by the professionals, but what do they know?  Can they really understand what's at the heart of this native of Asia?  Can they understand the stamina it takes to mature in only two months?  Do they even see past the tough outer shell to see the high B-vitamin, Vitamin E and the outpouring of manganese and magnesium in every little seed? Nah... But You Do.

The brave Buckwheat that came together to stand firm and be photographed for this posting is hulled and can be found at your local health food store.  The hulled seeds are called "groats," which, let's face it, is not the most attractive label. The pretoasted groat is called Kasha

Unroasted Buckwheat is soft and subtle, like a kindly aunt who wears white gloves and admires your china collection.  Roasted Buckwheat has an earthy, nutty taste, like the rowdy uncle who comes along for the visit and spends most of his time outside trying to shoot down squirrels.

Betty's all into Buckwheat.  She admires its beauty and its bravery in this world where people try to define and categorize you.  Listen: if your heart and soul tell you you're a grain, then you're a grain.  Define yourself.  Live it.  Love it.   Stop by the store today and get yourself some Buckwheat today for tomorrow we Cook it.


Anonymous said...

i need a recipe! i'm all hyped for buckwheat now :)

Susan said...

I am actually enjoying learning about grains! Is that even possible? Apparently it is!

Bossy Betty said...

Oh, Grains are our friends, indeed! Learn about them. Study them. Eat them. Devote your life unto them. Oh, wait, OK, we'll just eat them.