Monday, April 27, 2009

Dog Trilogy: Part III Maddie, Part III

Maddie's hunger for food was surpassed only by her hunger for affection.  As she saw it, when we were not serving her food, our hands should be upon her, stroking her fur.  She often came up and used her snout to move our hands to her back.  When we had the audacity to stroke the cats, we heard about it.

Now, in the first few days the boys and I had no trouble dishing out the affection.  We fell in love with Maddie immediately.  How did the reluctant HOB do in accepting the new dog in the house?  Here's the timeline for you.  Imagine a Bull Moose calling out the commands.  

Before Maddie arrived in the house:  "The dog will spend all its time outside.  No dogs in the house."

When Maddie arrived:  "The dog will spend all her time in the garage"

One day after:  "The dog may come into the house for limited times, but will still sleep in the garage." 

Fast forward two weeks.  The scene: I am getting into bed for the night:  "Uh, you're going to have to move over, because that's Maddie's spot.  That's her pillow too, by the way."

Oh yes, Maddie's main source of affection came from HOB himself.  Maddie had won him over completely.  He was devoted to her and vice-versa.

Now, Maddie has been with us for nine years.  She is about thirteen years old now and we love that dog we picked up from the pound those many years ago.   She is the dog my boys will always remember.  She is their Cedric.  Her constant presence in our lives is comforting.   She is there when we awake in the morning; she is there when we go to sleep.  She greets us when we come home.  Well, these days sometimes we find that she is sleeping when we come home, but she rouses herself immediately and the tail starts wagging.  

Maddie still loves affection though she is not as insistent about it these days.  Perhaps we have filled that desperate need in her.  Perhaps she knows that she is a permanent member of our pack and no longer needs that reassurance.  She is content to sleep beside our bed and pad around the house after us, sitting patiently until we move to another location and then she moves with us.

Maddie has brought a lot of love to our house and has even been a conduit for HOB and myself as well.   How?  

Well, Maddie is a long-haired dog and once, HOB got the idea to shave and sculpt the hair on her rump in the shape of a heart.   That way, he explained, when I took her on her walk, I could see the heart as I walked the dog and be reminded of the love he has for me.  

Now that deserves a good meal and a belly rub.

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