Saturday, April 25, 2009

Dog Story Trilogy: Part III: Maddie

So Betty grows up, falls in love, gets married and moves to California.  There she and Husband of Betty (HOB) go to school, move from town to town, live in rental units, get part-time jobs, finally get real jobs, have children and then buy a house.  What is it time for?  A dog of course.  I had lived far too long without one.  HOB was not all that thrilled about the prospect, but conditions were right and I had two boys apply Pester-Power to the situation.  Soon HOB agreed that we could "try it."

Sonny Boy was ten years old and Evan was five so I took them to the pound with me to search for the perfect dog.  We went pen by pen looking and naturally we all had different ideas about what kind of dog we wanted.  One thing we all agreed on was that we did not want a tiny dog.  I didn't particularly want a puppy since I knew they would be adopted out anyway, and just coming off the baby years, I was all done with intensive training of any living being.   

We kept searching. We saw the jumping boxer, the snoozing hound-looking dog, the yapping terrier.  The boys wanted nearly each and every one of them, and so did I, but I knew I had to get just the right one so that the boys would enjoy the dog and so that HOB would become a full-fledged dog person, setting the stage for future (hopefully multiple) dogs.

We were just about to leave the pound when Sonny Boy looked over and saw a medium-sized dog, sleeping on her side.  She looked like a very short retriever, with some other breeds thrown in for good measure.  She was so docile and sweet-looking.  I went to the office and asked if we could meet this dog.  

There in the fenced-in yard, this dog very calmly greeted us, immediately rolled over and let us pat her on the stomach.  The worker at the pound said she was probably about two years old. Her records said only that she was a stray who had been picked up in Oxnard and it was clear she had recently had a batch of puppies.  She would need to be spayed immediately and she also really needed a good bath.  I looked into her calm face, and those big tranquil brown eyes and one hour later, papers signed, a temporary leash on her, she was led to our car.  The boys were happy and so was I.  The pound worker loaded her in the car, took off the leash, wished us good luck and slammed the car door.  

Apparently, the sound of that car door indicated to Maddie that she could let her true personality come out.  The calm dog we had met in the yard was gone and a frenetic, excited, determined dog had taken her place.  She began scrambling about in the car, bouncing from person to person, licking, and slobbering.  Her energy knew no bounds.

Her plan had worked.  

She had secured her new family.  

Now it was time to start training them.

To be continued....


Grace said...

Is this the table surfing for food dog that you currently own? If so, I see the multiple dog idea did not win HOB over. (That didn't come out quite right.) I have a very hard time being articulate on your blog. Not to mention the multiple spelling and grammer errors I find after I hit the POST button.

Bossy Betty said...

It's the same dog. There's a reason we don't have multiple dogs.

No need to be articulate or even make sense on this blog!