Thursday, April 23, 2009

Dog Story Trilogy: Part II: Blackie

 Not a Picture of Blackie, but Establishes my Credibility as a Dog Lover From a Young Age, Don't You Think?

Blackie was a stray someone had dropped off on our country road.  He was tentative and hesitant when he came to our door, but soon he joined our other two dogs and became part of the family pack.  

He was a fun, medium-sized dog, completely black except for a distinctive white mark on his forehead.  He was young and  frisky, and happy to run with our other dogs and to come in the house occasionally.  Unlike Cedric, though, Blackie was not content to stay in the house for very long.  He wanted to be out and involved in anything farm-related.  He loved to go to the field, to run at top speed and play in the creek.  Whenever I went down to the pond, Blackie went with me, circling the edge of pond quickly, forcing all the sun-bathing frogs on the outer rim jump in, making tremendous splashes.

One day when I was about seven or eight years old,  it was time to take a load of corn to the local co-op.  The trip there was about 12 miles and since we did not have a truck, my dad took the tractor and wagon that was loaded up with corn.  I was allowed to ride in the wagon, a rare treat.  It was a clear, sunny day and I was Queen of the World sitting atop all of that golden corn.  My brow furrowed, however, when Blackie followed us down the rock road from our house.  I shooed him back; I pretended to throw ears of corn at him.  However, it soon became clear that he was not going to go back home.  He loved being with my dad and the tractor.  When it was time to turn on to the paved highway, I got really worried.  Even though the road was not heavily traveled, there were lots of hills with blind spots and cars tended to go fast.  

We had just come over the first hill when it happened.  A car came speeding up behind us.  The driver, his eyes probably on the wagon,  didn't see the small black dog following it.  I watched in horror as the car slowed some, but still hit Blackie, causing his body to fly forward and land with a thud on the pavement.  I sat there in the wagon crying as my father got off his tractor and came back to find Blackie's lifeless body.

To be continued...


Grace said...

DO you want me to sit a cry all day long!! Unfortunately some dogs just don't listen. I have heard of border collies and other herding dogs that get hit by cars because they are "herding" the cars.

Bossy Betty said...

I knew the doggie stories would get to you, Grace!

Be sure to tune in tomorrow!


Susan said...

You're trying to kill me, aren't you?