Thursday, April 16, 2009

Comments, Creatures, Cacti, and Conchords

OK, We have a few things to cover today so please have a seat and try to pay attention.  For your convenience and entertainment, I have categorized our subjects and employed alliteration as a captivating, attention-sustaining device.  

So, hang on as we go through these seemingly disjointed topics and please, try not the get "C" Sick.  (Oh!)


For months now I have heard "I tried to comment on your blog, but I couldn't."  

Now, I am not sure if that means these people were too appalled, or nonplussed by what they read or just couldn't work up the interest, fortitude, or mild strength to comment.  I prefer to think it was because of the glitch in the system that allowed some but denied others.

They may have just told me this to get to to stop following them around asking if they had read my blog.  

In any case, I played around with the comment thingy-ma-doo and I think everyone should be able to comment now.  My regulars will notice a slight change.  You can handle it.  We embrace change here at Betty.  


These two guys were left over from my wild arcade days.  I wish I had gotten a wider shot because both of them were on a tiny merry-go-round by a window in a desolate corner of the gritty arcade.  They were both looking longingly out the window, at the vibrant harbor and at the beautiful ocean beyond.  If this does not tear at your heart and cause at least one of your tear ducts to quiver, well, you may be less than fully human.

Look at those facial expressions and then turn quickly and look into a mirror.  Do your eyes bespeak the pain of not living the life you were meant to live?  Are you stuck on your tiny "merry"-go-round in your own gritty Arcade o' Life, but long to head for the open waters, or at least the Fish and Chips place around the corner?  Oh, learn from our hard plastic friends! Throw off your funny little hats and free yourselves while you can!


I promised you more pictures of cacti.  Here's one.  Oh, Betty could really get started about this prickly heart, but I think I've started you down that path of extended metaphor already today.  You can take it from here.  Do me proud, my people.


If you haven't watched "Flight of the Conchords" yet, run, RUN to do so.  (OK, I am not sure where you are going to run to, but you get the idea.)  You can probably rent the first season on Netflix, or perhaps at the video store.  Here's a little taste of them:  

Betty salutes you all and wishes you the very best!


Grace said...

Ok, here we go. After spending most of yesterday doing taxes for my family I loved to let loose on your blog. Thanks for letting me into your mind so I don't have to think with mine. I love all the stuff you come up with. Grace

Bossy Betty said...


I am so glad you got on! Feel free to use BB as a venting device at any time!

Brian said...

I kind of like my funny little hat, even if it does get a bit itchy now and then. It helps that I get paid a lot to wear it.

Bossy Betty said...

OH! Your funny little hat fits you so well! You must never take it off!