Monday, April 13, 2009

Bossy Betty Took a Hike

It was a fine Easter Day for a hike. The weather was just right and my shoes felt great, so we set out on a trail around here, heading to Lizard Rock, named because it's a rock looks like, well, a giant lizard sticking his head out of the side of the hill. Below is just one of the sights we saw as we started the hike.

Below is a picture of HOB and Evan on the trail. They had a race up to the top while I stayed back to get a picture. I am sure HOB just pretended to lose the race so as not to damage our son's self-esteem.

After a long climb, there they are on the top of Lizard Rock.  I got there eventually!

On our way back we passed by some tremendous cacti.  You'll be seeing more pictures like this in the future since I got some great shots.

So, I head back to work this morning after a good Spring Break.  Let's hope the hike to the end of the semester is as interesting as this hike was and that my vigor to conquer the Lizard of Grading is strong and lasts until the end of the trail.

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Susan said...

That DOES look like a lizard head sticking out of the ground! Wish I had been with you! Nice shoes btw.