Saturday, April 11, 2009

Bossy Betty Plans to Take a Hike

HOB and I ventured out to the Outlet Mall in our town today. 

On the average weekend, we, like all natives of our fair city stay huddled in our safe homes while the hoards of shoppers descend upon the Outlet Mall, dropping cash on Coach Bags and Nike Apparel, pushing their decked-out strollers, mindlessly eating $3.00 pretzels and $2.00 cookies and generally regarding their weekend of shopping like a trip to an adult amusement park, dropping their hundreds and thousands of dollars in our tax coffers. (Thank you very much!)  

Normally, we townspeople wait until Monday to peek our heads out like Munchkins and urge others to "Come out, Come out, Wherever You Are."  So what possessed me to get out there and shop today?


Last night I had the sudden, intense desire to become Hiker Woman (starting on Sunday)  and I needed to have the appropriate accessories.  I marched right into Hush Puppies and tried on the first pair of Merrill hiking boots I could find and I bought them.  Yahoo!  My friend once described hiking shoes as SUVs for the feet.  What is it about hiking shoes that just makes you feel like you can take on the world?  

I'll be hiking around the house in them this afternoon and around the block this evening and tomorrow I will put them to the test on our Easter Hike.  

Stay tuned! You'll hear all about it