Friday, April 10, 2009

Back From Sac

I am home again after my big, exciting trip up Highway 5.  I had a good time seeing my buddies and I wormed my way into some cleaning and organizing in which I got my bossying ya-ya's out big time.  

I meant to take a lot of pictures along the way, but it didn't happen.  I am sorry about that since the drive back on Highway Five was an All You Can Eat Buffet for the eyes.  The sky was gorgeous, the hills were green and the mustard was just starting to show itself on the hillsides. 

What I especially love about this stretch of highway is that there are gifts all along the way.  In addition to fields of vibrant produce and I saw fields of:
1) Cows
2) Sheep
3) Goats (!!!!!!)
4) Horses

There were many big trucks sharing the road, many of them carrying pipes, stacks of lumber or boxes of fruit, stacked up interesting patterns.  There were lots of semis, some clearly marked with the contents and some not at all.  This brought back memories of Sonny Boy at age 5 who insisted that I tell him what was in each and every truck.  He would persistently ask from the back seat and would not take "I don't know" as an answer, so soon I started saying things like "feathers," "macaroni," and "balloons."  Soon, he started making up his own answers, pointing at trucks saying, "Crayons!"  "Stamps!"  "Christmas Lights!"

However, the biggest thrill was seeing the Camera Van on Highway 5!  I did not get to take a picture of it, but here's one from the Camera Van Web Site:

Isn't that cool?  It's completely covered with cameras, some of them working to capture the looks on people's faces as they look at the van.  You can check out the entire web site for the full story.

So here I am back home, fairly exhausted but grateful for my good friends and good times too.


Trevor said...

Oh nose, your link is hidden.

Here it is for all of you who couldn't catch it:

Susan said...

I am grateful for you, too, Betty! Thank you!