Monday, March 2, 2009

Your Final Etiquette Lesson from Betty and Emily: Your Biggest Problem Could Be Right Under Your Nose.

Sitting there all alone again with just your cigs and mirror to keep you company?   Wondering WHY it is you have no friends nor satisfying relationships?  Well,  the answer is simple: Your Big Mouth.  Remember,  "The chatterer reveals every corner of his shallow mind; one who keeps silent cannot have his depth plumbed."  If you MUST speak, please keep the following in mind: 

Conversations: Dangers To Be Avoided
pg 82 of Etiquette

Talk about things that which you think will be agreeable to your hearer.  Don't dilate on ills, misfortunes, or other unpleasantness,  The one in greatest danger of making enemies is the man or woman of brilliant wit.  If sharp, wit is apt to produce a feeling of mistrust even while it stimulates.  Furthermore, the applause which follows every witty sally becomes in time breath to the nostrils, and perfectly well-intentioned people, who mean to say nothing unkind, in the flash of second "see a point," and in the next second score it with no more power to resist than a drug addict has to resist a dose put into his hand!

The mimic is a joy to his present company, but eccentric mannerisms are much easier to imitate than charms of personality, and the subjects of the habitual mimic are all too apt to become his enemies.

You need not, however, be dull because you refrain from the rank habit of a critical attitude, which like a weed will grow all over the place if you let it have half a chance.  A very good resolve to make and keep , if you would also keep any friend you make, is never to speak of anyone without, in imagination, having him or her overhear what you say.  One often hears the exclamation "I would say it to her face!" At  least be very sure that this is true, and not a braggart's phrase and then--nine times out of ten think better of it and refrain.  Preaching is all very well in a textbook, schoolroom, or pulpit, but it has no place in society.  Society is supposed to be a pleasant place; telling people disagreeable things to their faces or their backs is not a pleasant occupation.

Do not be too apparently clever if you would be popular.  The cleverest woman is she who, in talking to a man, makes him seem clever.


Susan said...

Oh Betty, how can I ever measure up?

Bossy Betty said...

Well, I'm not sure you can, but I would be willing to help you for a small fee. I think you know where to send the check. Please Fed Ex it so we can start the lessons which I will conduct via psychic energy.


Anonymous said...

Is Witty Sally the arch-nemesis of Bossy Betty?

Bossy Betty said...

I want to know who Witty Sally is and i want to know now.