Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Travels With Betty: Bart's Books in Ojai

Yes, Betty is a routineer, but that doesn't mean she's a dull gal.  She loves to travel.  Traveling is like a Altoid for the brain.  Everything seems exceptionally sharp and potent. At some point in the trip, (just like about one minute after you put an Altoid on your tongue) you may even doubt that the whole experience is a good idea.  However, once you get adjusted to the sensation that IS traveling, you'll be happy you went on the adventure.

Alas, my Very Important Job, precludes me from traveling extensively right now, but, ever the restless soul, lusting for adventure,  I managed to get HOB and a couple of friends up to Ojai (a town near us) to eat at the Farmer and the Wife, a groovy organic restaurant and then we headed over to Bart's Books, which has to be one of the coolest bookstores ever.  Come on; I'll show you around.

Bart's is located at 302 W. Matlija and sits beneath a 420 year old coastal live oak tree.

Not only does Bart's have a lot of great used books inside the store, they also put a selection of books on the outside of the store where they stay both night and day.  (You simply throw the money through the slot on the door if they are closed and you want to buy a book from one of the outdoor displays.)

The store is a maze of bookshelves; the roof is mostly open, except above the shelves.

There is part of an old house in the center of the store.  This is the kitchen where they display their selection of cookbooks

Here's one of the many seating areas.  I love Bart's!  No, I really do!

OK, so it wasn't a trip to the Spain, Italy, Africa, or even Las Vegas.  It was not even a full Altoid kind of trip, but at least I took my brain for a walk along a different route.  It was a gorgeous California day with good friends, good food, and good books and we even got to stop for candy and Cokes on the way home. Betty had a good day out!


Trevor said...

I believe that I have lurked in this area before...

Bossy Betty said...

I believe you have too. Wouldn't you like to lurk there again soon?