Saturday, May 8, 2010

Mom and Me

So here's the deal: in our hometown in Kansas (population, probably about 700 now) there's a street that has a large rock in the middle of it. My sisters and I have determined it was a star that fell to earth. No amount of yakking from other people can deter our thinking on this matter. This rock is in the middle of the street, appropriately named "Granite." This is the way it's done in our small town: there's a rock where you want a street, you don't make a big deal of moving the rock, you just pave the street around the rock and leave it there in the center. You know there's a big rock there, you drive around it. No problem.

This picture was taken about four or so years ago. Some of my sisters and I were back in Kansas visiting my mom and dad and we decided to go have our picture taken on the rock. My mom thought we were silly, but you can see by the look on her face here that she is so happy to be out with her daughters on this fall day.

I love this picture and the way my mom and I are sitting together on this rock, leaning towards each other. It's a picture of a strong woman there behind me, supporting me. Is the mother-daughter relationship ever not complicated? I don't think so. When we are young we may spend a lot of time complaining about it, waste time resenting it, and expend a lot of energy trying to move it, or transform it into our ideal.

Later in life, however, you realize it's a star, fallen to earth to land where it happens to land. You can fight it, rail against it, try unsuccessfully to move it, or you can just accept it for what it is, pave your life around it, and go on to celebrate its very existence, for the complex, rocky miracle that it is.

Reposted from 3/16/09


Susan said...

I've never seen a picture of you and your mom-- great! Love it!

Unknown said...

Wow. That was a beautiful post. I loved the picture. You both look so happy together...:)
Have an awesome day!

Life Is A Road Trip said...

OMG, we have a rock like that in the small town where I grew up, too! That's a lovely picture of you and your Mum and a beautifully written post. Happy Mother's Day!

Holly Renee said...

Oh I am so glad you reposted this. You two look lovely in that picture. She certainly is behind you, supporting and loving you. That rock is funny. The analogy to the star is just perfect. Happy Mother's Day!

Betty Manousos said...

Loved the picture of you and your mom!!
Beautifully written post, Betty.
Happy Mother's Day!
Big hugs!
Betty xx

Alice in Wonderland said...

We have a rock like that too over here in England, in the small town where I live.
This rock marks the centre of England, and on my photo blog, I have posted photos of it. It gives the longitudes and latitudes of the country, and is the exact centre of Britain!
How strange! Our rock is in out town centre too.

Anonymous said...

I love that! It kind of made me teary. Thank You for this post. It touched a part of me very deeply.

A happy Mother's Day to you and to the beautiful lady behind this wonderful woman!

Anonymous said...

thank you, bb :)

My Mind's Eye said...

Hi Betty what a beautiful post and the picture of you and your mom is PRICELESS!!!
We missed checking in yesterday. My mom who is 82... had a medical procedure yesterday. She did fine...I hope and pray I have her strength when I'm her age,
Happy Mother's Day,
Madi and Mom

Alexandra said...

Very well said,
I like it b/c it's not all froth and light: it tells the truth.

Complicated, yes. But it is what it is.


Happy Mother's Day!

Staci said...

Hello, you live in Kansas. It's not a star. It's a meteor from the planet Krypton, the one that carried a certain mild mannered reporter to Earth when his home teplanet blew up as a child. And your town has a population of 700 so you do technically live in a "Smallville." Just saying don't be surprised if you see some kid trying to race a train while wearing blue tights.

Hey, maybe if you sit on it long enough, you'll get superpowers or just super-hemmorhoids.

Talli Roland said...

What a lovely photo on the space rock!

Happy Mothers' Day Betty and Betty's mum!

Succot said...

New to your blog...absolutely love it! :-) Have a great day!

Miriam in KS said...

I'm glad you reposted this post. I loved it the first time and appreciate it even more this time.

And I miss driving around that rock when I took the back road home.

Leanne said...

Perfectly put.

Pat Tillett said...

Great post! nice words and a great story about the rock. I love odd things like that...

Bitsy Baby Photography said...

such a great post, awesome analogy =)