Thursday, March 26, 2009

C & H

It seemed like just a simple question from a friend, "Do you remember those C & H Sugar commercials?  You know, the ones.  [Singing] 'C and H, Pure Cane Sugar, from Hawaii, Growin' in the Sun.'"  

Friend? Or Agent of the Devil?  
You decide:

Day One:  Humming the song approximately 2 times an hour.  Pleasant feeling of nostalgia.  Mildly perplexed, trying to remember wording of second verse.

Day Two:  Singing song aloud on way to work, at office.  Singing song silently while walking, going to bathroom, listening for messages on phone.  State of being perplexed concerning second verse escalating to agitated confusion.  Could there have been two versions?   Now singing both the main lyrics and the flute-like children's echo of main lyrics as well.

Day Three:  Awoke, song loosely dangling in head like pretty Christmas ornament.  Shaking head violently to clear song from head not successful.  Drawn by mysterious force to computer to browse YouTube for commercials.  Found entire collection.  Listened.  Twice.  Apparently both audio and visual stimuli give strength to evil force.  Pretty Christmas ornament reveals itself to be ravenous tick latching on to my brain with vise-like grip, implanting itself deep in the cerebral cortex affecting several cognitive and behavioral functions.  

Day Four:  With song permanently installed as loop tape,  skipped work, ingested massive amounts of sugar, and began studying video of commercials for sociological and psychological ramifications.  Hence the study questions featured after the video.    

Here's the video.  DON'T WORRY!  You will not experience same reaction.  You will not be assimilated into the collective.  You are made of stronger stuff.

If you don't recognize the first commercial, go on to second, that's when the tick will latch on the pleasant childhood memories will return.

Study Questions:

1) Should the children in Video #1 be in field alone with man offering them sticks of sugar cane?

2) Videos 3 and 4: Should adults fool small children like this? Is it right? Is this healthy?  Is it playful or cruel?  Do you notice how boy believes trick whereas as girl seems to catch on  immediately on that Mommy had a hand in the shenanigans? What does this imply?

3)Video #6:  What will boy do with pups? Will they end up in pound? Will his parents let him keep them?  Was this really a wise trade considering the long-term responsibilities of pet ownership?

4) Videos 7 and 8: Do the commercials featuring the sugar cane workers on Sunday afternoons tempt you to join cult? Even just a little bit?

5) Video 9:  This is the most harrowing video of all.  Think of the underlying message next time your children return home for the holidays.  Are they coming to see you or are they just after the reward of the beloved white granules at the end of their pilgrimage?  

Bonus Questions:

A. Have you ever built a structure out of sugar cubes? 

B. Have you ever eaten a structure made out of sugar cubes? 

C. Please raise your hand if you remember being given a vaccine on a sugar cube.

D. Extra Credit!  What do the letters C and H stand for?


Anonymous said...

c = cane?
h = hawaii?

second verse as i remember it: c & h it's the one

i still buy c & h tho all sugar is pretty much the same, right?


Susan said...

a.yes, b. yes!, c. I think so?, D. California and Hawaiian sugar company -- we pass the factory on the Benicia bridge on the way to Berkeley and S.F.! Thanks for the memories!!!

C& H, pure cane sugar, from Hawaii, growin' in the sun... Island sugar growin' pure, fresh and clean, C & H pure cane sugar that's the one!

Bossy Betty said...

Thank you for your answers! Very good!

Now, just keep singing the song and we'll all be happy!

Shan said...

This was a fun blast from the past. Since you are the one who has, in a manner of speaking, presented this to me, should I ponder the friend/agent of the devil question, too? Ah, no worries, my brain is too gelatinous to hold onto anything, including ticks.

marque2 said...

C is California. It is the Caifornia Hawaii sugar company. They cane used to be shipped to San Francisco Bay for processing.