Thursday, February 26, 2009

Etiquette Lesson # One From Betty and Emily: Young Women! Be Particular!

Betty is quite aware of her popularity among all the young ladies who study the Way of Betty, hoping to learn what makes her "tick," what makes her ooze a nearly fluorescent trail of culture and sophistication as she treads upon the sidewalks of life.  

I do not take this responsibility lightly, nor have I forgotten my younger days, those intoxicating days of dating and romance.  Before HOB arrived on the scene to mesmerise me with his finesse behind the wheel of his Pinto Wagon, and his hypnotizing talk of the wonders of Agronomy, there were plenty of young suitors willing to woo Betty with sweet doughnuts and cold Coca-Cola drinks.  However!  Betty was Particular and YOU SHOULD BE TOO!

Here, from page 355 of Etiquette is Emily Post's warning/guidance:  


But what happens when young women are not particular, when their manners are too free and the precepts of the formalities forgotten, is not the melodrama's story of wrecked reputation so much as one of lost romance through being no longer able to sense or exact in its fastidious requirements.

Continuous pursuit of thrill and consequent craving for greater and greater excitement gradually produces the same result as that which a drug produces in an addict; or to change the metaphor, promiscuous crowding and shoving, petting and cuddling have the same cheapening effect as that produced on merchandise which has through constant handling become faded and rumpled, smudged or frayed and thrown into the bargain counter in a marked-down lot.  One danger of a certain dominant iconoclasm that might be called the chaperonless attitude, is that values may be appreciated too late.  And when one of these reckless squanderers longs for something of real value to give, there may be nothing left worth giving. 

There you have it, my young female readers.  Do you want to be the bedraggled shirt with lipstick stains found in the bin at Ross or do you want to be the clean, fresh blouse hanging upright upon the racks at Nordstroms?  The choice is up to you!

Note: It might do you good to memorize this, especially those of you in the colder climes, for instance, say, Colorado, where the low temperatures may wreck havoc with your sensibilities and make you believe you are scot-free from your duties and responsibilities as young ladies.

Tomorrow!  Betty and Emily discuss the World of Work.


Trisha Dawn said...

Hey now! That was aimed at Alyssa, right?

Anonymous said...

A good policy is, no crowding or shoving on a first date.

Bossy Betty said...


Alyssa? Why, I have no idea what you are talking about. Is it possible she believes she should be scot-free from these responsibilities?

Perhaps you should speak to her about this.

Bossy Betty said...

Brian--A true gentleman! Perhaps you should write your own book of Etiquette for young men to follow!

Trisha Dawn said...

I am sure Emily would have opinions about Alyssa's choice to go without socks, and in fact, wear sport sandals in the snow. It seems perhaps she the cold weather might be causing some problems with her thinking. It must be aimed at her, I don't even shop at Ross.

Bossy Betty said...

OHHHHHH! We must not tell Emily about Alyssa's footwear habits! Can you imagine what she would say?