Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Betty and Emily: Together At Last!

Are you a buffoon around a butter knife? 
A dolt when it comes to dating? 
Are you a simpleton at a baby shower?  
A nincompoop with a napkin?  

Betty is here for you, readers. I have dug out my 1942 edition of Emily Post's Etiquette and will be dispensing certain gems of advice for you in the next few posts.   

First, a few words from our guide, Emily Post:

"A knowledge of etiquette is of course essential to one's decent behavior, just as clothing is essential to one's decent appearance; and precisely as one wears the latter without being self-conscious of having on shoes and perhaps gloves, one who has good manners is equally unselfconscious in the observance of etiquette, the precepts of which must be so thoroughly ingrained as to make their observance a matter of instinct rather than of conscience obedience."

Your lessons begin soon, so change your shirt, and run a brush through that hair, will ya? We gonna get us some manners!  Yahoo!!  

Until tomorrow!


Susan said...


Bossy Betty said...

Yahoo indeed, Ms. Susan. Yahoo, indeed. Now, go get some white gloves on those hands.