Monday, January 19, 2009

Bossy Betty's Birthday Brouhaha!

 The Industrial Strength Mixer of Birthday Excitement was on Full Whip this entire weekend creating high peaks of memories in the mixing bowl of Betty's brain, memories that will stand out and rise above the landscape in Betty's mind for years.   In years to come, these days will be the Denver Airport of memories--visible for miles up there on the otherwise flat terrain, the white pinnacles beckoning me to remember, waiting for me to fly back to this, my best birthday celebration ever.  

That wonderful Husband of Betty covered up facts, lied and otherwise deceived me as he told me to pack my bag, that we would be going on a trip.  He was acting very suspicious and in my darker hours, (when I discovered that I was down to the Maple Chews in my Whitman's box)  my mind raced to create four horrifying  scenarios:  

 1) He was taking me to a foreign land for Plastic Surgery, directing the surgeon to create the woman of his Dreams  

2)  He was taking me to a foreign land to have one of my organs extracted in exchange for cold, hard cash. (Actually, this scenario was supplied somewhat quickly and gleefully by my brother-in-law.)

3)  He had watched one too many Snuggie commercials and had yearned for the warmth,  safety and security of a cult and we were going to join one.   

4) All of the above.

However when we arrived at the airport I found we were not flying anywhere, that my gift was waiting there:  HOB had arranged to fly in my life-long best buddy from first grade: Elaine.  She stood there, fresh from her flight from Kansas and Betty melted in a puddle.  Not only would I get to keep my internal organs, and my lovely natural appearance, I was going to get to celebrate my significant birthday with my best friend from childhood.  

HOB then announced that he was dropping us off at a hotel near the Santa Monica pier where he left us to roam, unrestricted and unchaperoned on the beach, pier and downtown.  The next day he picked us up and we went to explore the Getty Villa. It was an absolutely beautiful day here in Southern California.  The fountains at the Getty were running, the birds were singing above us as we walked through the gardens and inside we found stone naked Roman and Grecian men, a few of whom still had their "birthday presents" attached after all these years.  Art!  It's SO stimulating!  

"What a great birthday, Betty!" you say...but wait, there's more!

We came home, out to dinner and then over to my friend Karen's house for what was supposed to be a quiet celebration with two guests and cake and ice cream,  but it was actually a surprise party for Betty!  OOOOHHHHHH!!!!!!  It truly was a surprise and it was so much fun!  A beautiful cake, great friends all around, a song composed solely for Betty and sung just for her, presents (I got a SNUGGIE!!! I can join a cult and not even leave home!) and a flashing tiara.  Could a girl ask for more? I think not.

Oh what kind of karma did I inherit from my last life that I am so blessed in this one?  I am so grateful to HOB for not taking me away, but bringing my friend to me and letting me loll around in all this goodness that surrounds me right here.  I am grateful to my two friends who organized the party and dealt with all the stress and details.  When they recover and stand upright again, I am going to take them out for Cokes and then we can replay over and over again how glorious that evening was and how pretty I was, and how many presents I got and then we can act out that moment when I walked out and all my friends were there and maybe I'll dress in the same clothes I had on that night and suggest they take even more pictures of me!  Oh!  They'll just love it!

Alas, this kind of excitement cannot last. I must draw my head out of the giant bag of Birthday Sugar and prepare for days and weeks ahead.  Betty can't live in the silk and taffeta of party dresses forever. There are papers the be graded and laundry to be done.  Still, this was one luscious birthday and the memories of it will dance around in my brain forever, bumping against the walls like colorful gumballs, reminding me over and over again of this moment in my sweet life.  


Anonymous said...

I was there! Quite a crowd of Betty's friends ... from what I gathered, they came from book club, from school, from old and lasting connections of our children's early education ... gathered in Karen's back yard, lined up along a low wall trying to avoid the lovely little candles burning at intervals at our feet. We whispered to one another once it was clear that Betty and her party (HOB, Elaine and young Ev) were near. The lights were out. We saw the group enter Karen's well-lit abode and greet the two planned guests. Betty looked just stunning, as usual, as did her hangers-on. A handsome crew. They all chatted a bit, laughed, looked at the house a bit -- showing Elaine around, I guess -- and finally were invited by Karen to enjoy the clean, soft air of the outdoors. The slider opened. The hidden (by the dark?) shrank a bit more into the background and then erupted with silly hats, noise makers, and poppers. We did not let up. We popped until there was nothing else to pop, and then we blew our noisemakers some more. I think the nearby traffic came to a complete halt, wondering what marvels were taking place beyond that wall. Happy Birthday, Betty. We enjoyed it every bit as much as you! And we love you! (As if that wasn't clear already.)

Anonymous said...

hear hear!!

Bossy Betty said...

Oh, thank you, thank you, E, for providing this "behind the scenes" account of Betty's arrival! Loved it!

Shan said...

Oh, this made me giggle. Repeatedly.

And it made me wonder, how is E doing these days?