Wednesday, December 31, 2008

OK, Just Two More Observations About Airline Travel and Then I'll Move On. Really, I Will.

Observation Number One:

Many people complain about not getting full meal service on the airplanes these days.  However, I am very happy to bring my small snacks aboard and just get complimentary drinks. Why?  Because these meals paralleled perfectly my dating experience in college, bringing back memories I'd just as soon forget.

Come back with me, if you will, to the days of full food service:

The magic metal cart is being pushed ever so slowly by the cabin steward who serves everyone else in front of you.  They seem to be very happy with their food and you want your tray of food so very badly.  Then it arrives and your stomach growls in anticipation.  This is going to be so good!  Then you discover the truth:  after the first initial bites, you realize this is nothing like you expected.  The roll is stale, the lettuce is wilted and the chicken has grease floating on the top.  You try to be polite and not say anything disparaging but inside you are screaming, "Oh, please, get all of this out of here!"  However, the cart is nowhere in sight and you are stuck with that tray of half-eaten, stale, cold food and you just want the space on your tray table back!  Time passes so slowly!  When, oh when will this end?  When the cabin steward comes, you bless that person for taking that whole thing away and you relish all that tray table in front of you once again!  You can't believe you ever thought it was that small.  It's wonderful to have all that space again and get back to that book you were in the middle of.

Compare this experience to my dating life in college:

 I would spy a very cute guy and anticipate meeting him.  He was slow about his approach and with each passing day I would get more excited about the possibilities. (Are you seeing the parallels here?)   I saw others around me dating, forming relationships and they seemed generally satisfied.  Then it would happen:  a date.  (Food finally arrives.)  There he would be in front of me, shiny, with lots to be discovered, and it was a warm and happy time with so much promise.  Then, in only a short amount of time,as  I poked around and investigated him as a person, I discovered that there was not really that much there that was appealing to me. (Are you still with me?  Do you remember the meal scene?)  I discovered that he was a little stale here, his personality wilted over time and pretty soon I was done.  Still he hung around.  There was no polite way to get out of the relationship, but I knew I wanted it gone.  I just wanted my old life back.  When he finally left, often taken by another girl (thank you!  "Oh, no, he was fine, just not my taste") I was so relieved.  I could finally return to reading my beloved books and have my own space back.

Just as I would not want to go back to dating,  (HOB--I love you!  You are not an airline meal!  You are my always surprising and satisfying Fruit of the Month Club delivery!)  I am quite happy to no longer deal with the psychological ramifications associated with the full meal service on airlines.

Tomorrow:  Observation #2.  Look for it!


zZy said...

I like this post.. Your message for HOB made me smile =)

Bossy Betty said...

Thanks, Butterfly! And thanks for signing up as a follower!

christine said...

I love the analogy between men and airline food - you made me smile:-)

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