Friday, December 26, 2008

I Did Not Get One Of These For Christmas and I Want To Know Why I Did Not Get One Of These For Christmas.

Blankets can be such a hassle!  What a pain!  If only I had a Snuggie!  I love this video and  the creepy cult-like appearance of the wearers of the Snuggie when they have their non-blankets draped on the front of their bodies.  I especially like the shot of the family at the sporting event in their Snuggies.  "Hey!  Is that your family in the bleachers looking like a bunch of monks high-fiving each other?  Wow, they ARE really cool!" 

I am, frankly, shocked that no one got me one of these for Christmas.  Am I not exactly the kind of sophisticated gal whose glamorous lifestyle screams out for a Snuggie?  I have brooches (aka "Serious Bling") suitable for pinning to the front for Saturday night get-togethers here at the house.

I would love a Snuggie, but since I know myself so very well, I must also request an additional gift to be packaged with the Snuggie.  Drinks on one side, snacks on the other, my Snuggie draped over my body, and my hands free to hold my book or the remote control, I might just never get up, not even to go do the essentials, which is why I humbly ask for the following product as well, fashioned into a seat cushion, of course:

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