Sunday, November 2, 2008

Time To Rejoice!

Fellow Larks of the world, Rejoice! It is the day we have been waiting for--the day when all is set right in the world and our beloved Standard Time is returned unto us. Set those clocks back and get out there to enjoy the early morning hours which now glow lighter earlier, all the better for us to arise and be industrious while others in the world foolishly snooze away these golden hours.

Alas, Betty married young and did not realize the problems a mixed marriage would bring. I thought the Owl would change, would see the absolute value of rising at 6:00a.m. or earlier. However, not only does my mate not bounce from the bed at that hour he is, in fact, more than a little grumpy at times. As I am make my breakfast singing Abba tunes i.e. "Gimme, Gimme A Man After Midnight!" (perhaps the wrong song for a Lark to sing?) into my peanut butter-coated knife/microphone, he stumbles in, squinting at me as though I am some sort of intensely glowing five-eyed alien that has landed in the kitchen threatening to take all his Raisin Bran back to my home planet. He holds up his hand in a policeman-at-the-crosswalk fashion to indicate "Stop!" Does he not understand that as a Lark I am programmed not only to arise early in the morning, but to sing as well? I try to tone it down a bit when he is in the room, but feel like the child who can't wait for the principal to leave so I can play again. I try singing a bit softer. The policeman grows more irritated. The hand goes up again, this time flicking the wrist.

I love everything about morning--the way the air smells, the dew on the grass, the delicious anticipation of what the day will bring. Every morning I open my front door to walk out to get the newspaper and there he is: a little bird who lives near our house. He comes to sit on the side mirror of my car to check out his image, peck at it a bit and sing to the world. After his mirror routine, he will fly on to his other tasks for the day. I go in the house, read my newspaper, check out my image in the mirror, peck at it a bit, sing to the world and then I fly on to my other tasks for the day.

Owls of the world, I am sure some of you are upright, moral, good people. I would love to hear your attempt to justify your seemingly wanton lifestyles. Write to me or call. Just be sure to contact me before 9:00p.m. I'll be asleep after that.

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peripatetic girl said...

as a committed owl responding close to midnight, i can only say hoooo to your larkish ways. the night is quiet and cool and glitters and wraps itself around you. you are welcome anytime, tho i don't think i will see you in the dawn.