Saturday, November 8, 2008

Strange Christmas

I awoke on November 4th with a dimly familiar feeling. It followed me around for awhile like a mysterious shadow and then, just after voting, I knew exactly what it was. It was a trace of the feeling that comes with Christmas morning--a sense of mental exhaustion and peacefulness that comes with the arrival of The Day.

No more listening to otherwise mature children bickering about who has been the best and deserves our favor, no more weighing the drawbacks and benefits of deals, no more repetitious commercials on the television and radio, no more mailboxes bulging with slick, overdone advertisements. Some in the neighborhood had decorated their homes and some had not, but what we had done, we had done. Now all we had to do was to sit back, hope for the best, and wait to see which kids were happy and which were disappointed.

Strange Christmas has been over for almost a week now. We've thrown out the catalogs of voter information and (hopefully) taken down the yard decorations. Now we sort through and deal with what we have. While many of my presents from my California aunts and uncles were good, some disappointed me. My Ventura County cousins didn't deliver all I had hoped, but I was very happy with some of their decisions and I loved my big Santa present! Thank you, America!

Happy Week After Strange Christmas.
Peace on Earth.
Goodwill Towards all People.

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