Tuesday, November 25, 2008


Yes, that IS the Collared Lizard standing there, rising out of the mass of Kleenex. Today he is symbolizing me, or at least what I hope is to be me soon, rising out of this sickness that has overtaken me and threatened my naturally sunny disposition.

Basically, I am against illness of any kind. I don't see much good in it except perhaps to throw into sharp relief those days when we are healthy and we carelessly think nothing of it. We gobble those days up like meringue puffs out of Grandma's bottomless candy dish. It's only when we chomp down on the pearl onion that's snuck in there that we realize how good we normally have it.

For the most part, I eschew medicine of any kind for this kind of dramatic head cold, preferring to make it on my own through the Valley of the Mucous without the crutch of pharmaceuticals, but this time I was lured into the drug world by some dark, shadowy influences in my life (a certain friend kept yelling "Take a pill!" every time I sneezed) and the innate desire to breath. I took a couple of tiny, red, expired Sudafeds last night just before I went to bed. It did help with the congestion in a strange, just-out-of-the-swimming-pool-after-five-hours kind of way, but each time I turned my head on the pillow, tiny squirrels inside my head rushed to the upturned ear and began working on the ear drum as though it was the dial to a safe they were frantic to open. The clicking continued throughout the night. Perhaps they were sure the fabled golden walnut was just there for the taking.

Anyway, it was in this Sudafed-induced haze last night that I thought of posting the Collared Lizard for you all today. My regular readers know that that Collared Lizard means a Sing-Along Betty is coming up and are probably already rabid to know today's song. It's a short one today sung to the tune of "Nobody Knows the Trouble I've Seen."

Nobody Nose The Kleenex I've Used
Nobody Nose the The Tissues
Nobody Nose What's In Those Red Pills
That Gave me so Many Issues.


Anonymous said...

take ONE!
--the dark force

Susan said...

Feel better soon, Betty! Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Homemaker said...

I love the new clothespin picture. Did you take this one?

Bossy Betty said...

Thanks! I did take it.