Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday Morning Meditation and the Agenda for the Week.

This week Bossy Betty takes time from her busy social schedule to dedicate herself to the betterment of her reading public. Education, as we all know, is the butter upon the bread of the soul, the essential green garnish around the scattered salsa bar of emotion, the orange pulp in the big orange jug of the juice of human nature. It is essential that we sometimes stop and re-dedicate ourselves to the adornment of our cerebellum with a the splash of the glitter of new information, the shining beads of enlightenment and the rare and ruby-encrusted pendant of introspection.

Before committing to embark upon this cruise ship of exploration, you must consider the following questions: Are your bags packed with the appropriate cruise wear? Are you willing to take a room, that despite having curtains, may have no porthole upon which to look out of? Can you handle yourselves in a respectable manner at the 24 Hour Pizza station? If you have answered "Yes!" "Yes!" "Yes!" to these questions, the first thing you need to do it calm down. A course of education like this is not to be entered in such a frenzied state.

So then, to prepare ourselves for this amazing journey, let us start with a medication, er, I mean a meditation. Below you will find a picture of the spider that is currently residing on our back patio. Let us all take thirty to forty minutes to gaze upon this photo and mediate on the essences of the spider and his webby realm. Begin now.

Ah, wasn't that refreshing? (Note: Bossy Betty knows who fell asleep and who carried out the assignment. It has been noted in my log.) Now that we have centered ourselves (much as the spider is centered in his web) let us continue our journey of introspection.

For your benefit, Betty went to the World Wide WEB to find some information on spiders that would help you to weave your previous meditation in the corners of your psyche where you can view them and reflect upon your own lives. (Warning, this could get sticky.)

Here are some statements I found concerning various breeds of spiders. Please read and ask yourself the following essential question: Is this true of me?

"...generally harmless but can be a nuisance."

"...may or may not be aggressive but will inject venom if continually provoked."

" shy and seeks to run away when disturbed."

"Social behavior ranges from precarious cooperative hunting and food sharing."

"In general their presence works very much in favor of humans wherever they are found."

Until tomorrow,

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